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An Ecosystem of components and services which enables publishers to rapidly create their next-generation learning solution.


A ready-to-deploy, SAAS learning platform. Allows publishers and content creators to quickly ingest their existing textbooks, and other content assets, and deliver a high-fidelity learning experience.


Spark is an easy-to-use learning platform that enables skill acquisition and mastery - with a learner-driven, content-centric approach.


We have been ideating and creating technology solutions since 1986. We have been evolving with the tech curve and it has been an interesting journey.


We are committed to making the society we live in a better place. The Compro Foundation helps translate that commitment into action.


Create or integrate assessments with ease

comproDLS™ Digital Ecosystem supports multiple options for delivering assessments, learning paths, practice activities, test banks, courses with inline quizzes and enriched eBooks.

Flexible assessment types

FITB, MCQ (Single & Multiple), Short & long answers, Matching, Sorting, Text Highlighting, Image Hotspots, Classify & Drag-n-Drop.

Easy workflow

To create your own unique assessment types and/or integrate from pre-existing material.

Scalable data analytics

Track all user interactions, manage attempt histories, personalized remedial content, progress analytics.

Age-appropriate themes and Responsive Design

Flexible options for branding, layout and design.


Supports modern standards - xAPI, IMS-QTI, SCORM, etc.

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