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An Ecosystem of components and services which enables publishers to rapidly create their next-generation learning solution.



A ready-to-deploy, SAAS learning platform. Allows publishers and content creators to quickly ingest their existing textbooks, and other content assets, and deliver a high-fidelity learning experience.

Ai for Publishers


Integrate powerful capabilities into your existing workflows and features, adding intelligence and efficiency.



We have been ideating and creating technology solutions since 1986. We have been evolving with the tech curve and it has been an interesting journey.

Compro Foundation


We are committed to making the society we live in a better place. The Compro Foundation helps translate that commitment into action.


We are proud to collaborate with our partners who augment our capabilities at Compro Technologies.

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A unified solution for all your learning needs

Spark allows a deeper engagement which enables skill acquisition and mastery. With a learner-driven content-centric approach, it enables talent development and digital transformation.

Spark is a high-performance learning platform that is ready-to-deploy. A fresh, easy to use learning solution for competency acquisition based on proven next-gen principles.

Spark Unified solution for all your need

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Learning Everywhere

Learning is a lifelong process; and can happen anywhere, and anytime. Spark is empowered with a technology architecture that makes it seamless and device-agnostic. Using Spark, it is possible for learners to learn on the go; and pause & resume from where they left.

Simplified Experience

Spark has a clean, clutter-free and intuitive Learning UI that is easy to follow and use. At the same time, Spark is also flexible, powerful and robust in its processes to ease, simplify and optimize the life of managers, moderators and admins.

Content Centric

Spark is built with a strong emphasis on learning principles that are embedded in its architecture to guide and support learners with increased focus; and a motivation to learn; aligned and oriented with goals; and enriched with values and ease of learning.

Accessible & Inclusive

Spark is by design, inclusive and accessible. It is built with care for users of all kinds and is aligned with human values, not just adherence to compliance.

Insights & Personalisation

Spark has incorporated insights in a way that is easy to configure and monitor; and allows detailed observations to be made leading to supervised interventions and user personalisation for improved and transformational growth and success.


Spark is engineered to be seamless, cross-device, and cross-platform. It is supported by content players that allow the porting of digital learning content formats across different platforms.


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