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An Ecosystem of components and services which enables publishers to rapidly create their next-generation learning solution.



A ready-to-deploy, SAAS learning platform. Allows publishers and content creators to quickly ingest their existing textbooks, and other content assets, and deliver a high-fidelity learning experience.

Ai for Publishers


Integrate powerful capabilities into your existing workflows and features, adding intelligence and efficiency.



We have been ideating and creating technology solutions since 1986. We have been evolving with the tech curve and it has been an interesting journey.

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We are committed to making the society we live in a better place. The Compro Foundation helps translate that commitment into action.


We are proud to collaborate with our partners who augment our capabilities at Compro Technologies.

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Do you need to build highly interactive and analytical spreadsheet-based assessment solutions?

comproDLS™ Leonardo provides-end-to-end training and assessment for quantitative subjects such as accounting, economics, finance, physics, engineering, etc. Using an easy authoring tool, publishers can quickly create and embed highly interactive spreadsheet-based activities within eLearning courses, allowing for a truly, immersive “try-as-you-learn” experience.

comproDLS™ Leonardo allows students to experience spreadsheet based activities in a controlled online environment. Students can enter formulas with relative or absolute cell references. Allows flexibility to enter values in any order rather than being restricted by the template provided by the instructor. Ease of use of features like, sorting, resizing rows/columns, etc with virtually no learning curve.

Do you need to build highly interactive and analytical spreadsheet-based assessment solutions?


User interface resembles MS Excel

Students and Instructors work with a familiar and fully customizable spreadsheet experience with virtually no learning curve.

Rule-based automated grading engine

Intelligent grading engine allows flexibility of evaluating multiple correct answers based on their algorithmic equivalency. Includes the ability to assess and score each cell for value, formula and/or formatting.

WYSIWYG Question Creation tool

Creating a LEONARDO question is extremely easy using a fully featured WYSIWYG question creation tool. Existing content in MS Excel (.xlsx) format can be directly imported and converted into Leonardo items.

Flexible Data Entry

Flexibility to enter data in various sequences and templates enables a broader learning experience

Formula Variations

Its highly advanced rule-based automated grading engine supports tolerances, accuracy and formula variations.

Extensive Formula Support

Ability to validate and score almost all excel functions such as sum, irr, VLOOKUP, xnpv, etc. Over 200 excel formulas supported.

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