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Digital cosystem


An Ecosystem of components and services which enables publishers to rapidly create their next-generation learning solution.



A ready-to-deploy, SAAS learning platform. Allows publishers and content creators to quickly ingest their existing textbooks, and other content assets, and deliver a high-fidelity learning experience.



Spark is an easy-to-use learning platform that enables skill acquisition and mastery - with a learner-driven, content-centric approach.



We have been ideating and creating technology solutions since 1986. We have been evolving with the tech curve and it has been an interesting journey.

Compro Foundation


We are committed to making the society we live in a better place. The Compro Foundation helps translate that commitment into action.


We are proud to collaborate with our partners who augment our capabilities at Compro Technologies.

At Vista Higher Learning, we cannot let technological challenges hinder or block our ability to deliver great student learning experiences. Therefore, when we needed to create a next-generation e-reader solution for our Supersite and Portales learning products, we looked to an experienced partner we could trust.

Vista Higher Learning

Kurt Gerdenich, CTO

Vista Higher Learning

Cambridge University Press needed to find a next generation learning and assessment environment able to support teachers and learners in the classroom and for self-study. After an exhaustive search, Compro was chosen and they have delighted us ever since. It is fair to say that Compro is one of the best third parties that I and my team have worked with.

Cambridge Logo

Darren Smith, Platform Technologies Director - ELT Platform Technology

Cambridge University Press

Exostructure Based Digital Publishng Solutions

Digital Publishing Solutions

We enable the rapid creation of high-quality learning solutions — Learning Platforms, Interactive Courses, eBooks, Assessments, Authoring & Assembly Tools, Learning Analytics and Adaptive Learning.

Do you need a unique learning environment that extends or replaces your existing ecosystem of platforms, tools and services?

Digital Ecosystem

comproDLS™ Digital Ecosystem provides you with a complete set of components and services -- allowing you to rapidly customise and create your next-generation learning solution.

Products and Solutions
Our range of products and solutions for publishers and content creators.

Are you looking for an out-of-box learning platform?

comproDLS™ ENGAGE is a SAAS learning platform that allows publishers and content creators to quickly ingest their existing textbooks, content & assets and deliver a high-fidelity learning experience for teachers & learners.

comproDLS™ Spark is a cloud based solution for your corporate learning & development needs. Based on proven next-gen learning principles and designed to be inclusive and accessible.


Do you need corporate talent development or digital transformation?

Learn more about how comproDLS™ can help you leapfrog the competition and achieve your Pure Learning Vision.

The exostructure concept is about building an 'exoskeleton' of services that support the education institution from the outside rather than from the inside. The building blocks are standards ... that allow a freer flow of information among education ecosystem players. When done right, the exostructure approach enables institutions to leverage industry (and other) best-practice services from the cloud, rather than having to bring them inside the campus walls.

Gartner Logo

The Exostructure Approach

Gartner introduced the concept of the exostructure in their report 'Gartner Hype Cycle for Education 2014'. In the Hype Cycle reports for 2015 and 2016, Compro Technologies and comproDLS™ were recognized as early adopters of this concept.